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Mosaic showing one of the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece-Cleobulos,(Antioche, maison de Astres, late 3rd century AD ).
CLEOBULUS OF LINDOS Cleobulus or Cleobulos of Lindos was one of the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece . Considered to be handsome and wise by some, others claimed that he was a descendant of Heracles. He was both the tyrant of Lindos and a poet. Familiar with Egyptian philosophy, he was the author of songs and riddles. He advised men to be listeners rather than talkers, to do nothing by violence and to educate all children, both sons and daughters. He died at the age of 70. One of his riddles goes-- “One sire there is, he has twelve sons, and each of these had twice thirty daughter different in feature; some of the daughters are white, the others again are black; they are immortal, and yet they all die. " The answer to the riddle is “the year.” In terms of sayings, he was known for saying “Moderation is best”, “The golden mean”, “Avoid Extremes.” He also said avoid being affectionate to your wife, or quarreling with her in the front of strangers; for the one savors of folly, the other madness. Cleobulus was a native of Lindus, and the son of Evagoras. He lived as late as 560BC. He studied philosophy in Egypt; and had a daughter named Cleobulina, who used to compose enigmas in hexameter verse, that were said to be of no less significance than his own. It is said that he restored the temple of Minerva which had been built by Danaus. He used to compose songs and sayings in verse to the number of three thousand lines. Diogenes Laertius presents these lines: "I am a brazen maiden lying here Upon the tomb of Midas. And as long As water flows, as trees are green with leaves, As the sun shines and eke the silver moon, As long as rivers flow, and billows roar, So long will I upon this much wept tomb, Tell passers by, "Midas lies buried here." (Diogenes Laertius, Book I, Chapter: The Life of Cleobulus) Some of his sayings were: "Ignorance and talkativeness bear the chief sway among men." "Cherish not a thought." "Do not be fickle, or ungrateful." "Be fond of hearing rather than of talking." "Be fond of learning rather than unwilling to learn." "Seek virtue and eschew vice." "Be superior to pleasure." "Instruct one's children." "Be ready for reconciliation after quarrels." "Avoid injustice." "Do nothing by force." "Moderation is the best thing." He died as an old man of seventy. There is a tomb of Cleobulus on Lindos.
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